Star Wars Last Jedi Phasma & Troopers Men's T-Shirt

Star Wars Last Jedi Phasma & Troopers Men's T-Shirt
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    Now with more Captain Phasma than preceding Star Wars films proclaiming adequate screen-time for Captain Phasma!What? Yes Star Wars: The Force Awakens' promotional material implied significant screen-time for Captain Phasma the gold-platedFirst Order officer played by Game of Thrones alumnus Gwendoline Christie.Unfortunately all we got were scant scenes with five lines or lessanda very affable surrender to a handful of shield-dismantling guerrilla fighters courtesy of The Resistance.But Star Wars: The Last Jedi promises a much bigger arc for our favorite female First Order officer and our Star Wars Last Jedi Phasma & Troopers Men's T-Shirtcelebrates her hopefully increased and uncut footage.This black Last Jedit-shirtsports a graphic pulled right from the hit film featuring 'Cap. Phaz' front- and-center accompanied by two intimidating First Order Troopers.Behind them bright red control panelspulsing with enough heat to warrant mild short-circuiting subtlesparks and stylish lens flares.