Star Wars Issue #1 Comic Cover 30 Single T-Shirt

Star Wars Issue #1 Comic Cover 30 Single T-Shirt
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    Made from 100% Cotton here's a soft brown t-shirt featuring the slightly distressed cover image from Issue # 1 of the Star Wars comic book from Marvel comics! That's one hell of a license to snag huh? DC tried but......they wanted Batman to play the part of Han Solo. Nope. Beating the hell out of Luke every 7 minutes and experiencing multiple flashbacks during leaps into Hyperspace wouldn't make for a compelling read. Wait maybe....? Nah forget it. If you absolutely needed to know what happened to your favorite Star Wars characters immediately after the film stopped rolling the Star Wars comic from Marvel comics was your window into the continuing adventures of Luke Han C3-PO R2-D2 Leia Darth Vader and....lots of characters you never heard of. Say hello to the beginnings of the Expanded Universe! This Star Wars t-shirt is a 30 Single tee meaning it's made with a higher thread count leading to a noticeably softer t-shirt!