Star Wars Cute Ewok Wicket Women's T-Shirt

Star Wars Cute Ewok Wicket Women's T-Shirt
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    You just want to hug him don't you?It's okay -- this is a completely natural feeling considering this rendition of Wicket the Ewok is absolutely the cutest thing you've ever seen. As in...ever.Seriously the Wicket adorning ourStar Wars Cute Ewok Wicket Women's T-Shirt is overloadingyour innate cuddling reflexes to such a degree you're hugging plants recycling binsscooters and crossing guards in uncontrollable squeezing spasms.Looking for a quick lasting cure for your debilitating needto nuzzle?? I suggest this soft Star Wars t-shirt adorned with the walking "yub-yubbing" space teddy bear introducedin the second cinematic Star Wars film The Empire Strikes Back.Made from 100% cotton this Wicket t-shirt features a colorful print reflecting the kindest softest bipedaltribal mini-bear this side of Endor.