Star Trek Team Enterprise Women's T-Shirt

Star Trek Team Enterprise Women's T-Shirt
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    Made from 100% cotton this navy blue women's t-shirt is very similar to our mens' "Team Enterprise" tee based on the Star Trek television series's for women. Yep. So you're a member of Team Enterprise huh? Good good. Were you part of the team during the Addabar Games on Addabar Yeggelbuddy? Yeah? So how did you fare against the Writhing Toglanatos? They smell awful right? I know I know. They're pretty intimidating but a quick Klingon limb blaze to the set of brains dangling from....what looks to be their elbows.....should render them unconscious pretty quickly. Ah Team Enterprise. How I long to rejoin the ranks and have the crap beat out of me by scary looking jelly/crab things that are probably smarter than me.....but no less stinky.