Spiderman Tie Dye Costume T-Shirt

Spiderman Tie Dye Costume T-Shirt
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    "Print On Front Only"Made from 100% cotton this red and blue t-shirt features the simulated torso of Spiderman's costume-thing...with a psychedelic twist! And that twist ladies and gentlemen....is a tie-dye coloration! That's right Spiderman fans; Spiderman's all about feeling good and free and...and just....he just wants you to mellow out really. I mean is it horrible to join a commune cook with rocks and grow your own food? Heck no. And I have to say Spiderman's new approach to fighting crime seems to be working. Usually he hangs a bunch of crooks in a ball of webbing from a lamp post for the police and calls it a day. Now....now Spiderman asks them if their mothers would appreciate this propensity towards criminal behavior. A lot of them just turn themselves in these days.