Spiderman "Spider Or The Man" T-Shirt

Spiderman "Spider Or The Man" T-Shirt
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Much like how this 100% cotton Spiderman "Spider Or The Man" T-Shirt asks is Peter Parker....SPIDER....OR...MAN?!? The Man part of him wants to sit around and watch TV drink beer get into fights over sports teams and be generally misogynistic. The Spider part of him wants to hide in garages when it gets cold out side capture and consume flies wash down water spouts and be generally misogynistic(arachnids exhibit dimorphism yo). You know what Spider-Man doesn't seem to be all that cool when you break it down like that. Maybe by combining Spider and Man we can lose all that bad stuff and gain qualities like humor compassion and a sense of honor! This particular Spider Man t-shirt shows off the 100th issue of Spider Man in a highly distressed format. Hey Spider-Man is an old school comic and it deserves the 'aged' look!