Spider-Man Wanted Women's Burnout Ringer T-Shirt

Spider-Man Wanted Women's Burnout Ringer T-Shirt
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    Honestly and by far this is one of the most stylish Spider-Man t-shirts we've ever carried. Basically we're going to try our best to be humble when the thank-you cards roll in.Made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester our soft and moderately sheerSpider-Man Wanted Women's Burnout Ringer T-Shirt is a light red t-shirt featuring a purposely distressed image of Spider-Man inducingthe ire of local police!So what the heck is all this "burnout" business?The burnout process includes the application of a chemical that carefully removes ("burns") sections of the material's uppermost layer.Thisproduces more sheer areas of the t-shirt creatinga heather or marbling effect expressed by aninterweaving of light and dark colors.Red ringers!This comfortable light and airy Spider-Man t-shirt also features red ringers around the collar and sleeves completely nailing that dutifully worn and washed retro aesthetic.