Spider-Man Homecoming Face Off Men's T-Shirt

Spider-Man Homecoming Face Off Men's T-Shirt
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    So the title is a little misleading.Tony Stark is like a...father? Uncle? Anyway he's like a relatively understanding blood relative to Peter Parker so they probably won't be "facing off" any time soon. Although Peter wasn't happy about losing the suit.TheSpider-Man Homecoming Face Off Men's T-Shirtis a black 100% cotton t-shirt featuring thick colorful prints of partial Spider-Man and Iron Man craniums. BecauseSpider-Man and Iron Man are friends and both share a scientifically inclined brain box. Or something.Between the heroes' halved heads the phrase "MOST LIKELY TO SAVE THE DAY." Because together there isn't a day Spider-Man and Iron Man can't save.Oh and the brightly colored craniums form the body of a multi-legged spider-symbol. Because the movie's called Spider-ManHomecoming not Iron Man IV (guest-starring Spider-Man).