Spider-Man Distressed Cover Men's T-Shirt

Spider-Man Distressed Cover Men's T-Shirt
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    "He's your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man not mine."Yeah he saves skateboarders from awkward embarrassing deaths and occasionally deflects a universe-spanning cataclysm but...but...BUT HE'S A #@#%#!#MENACE!Seriously. J. Jonah Jameson is 100% on the money -- Spider-Man is not in any way "amazing" "spectacular" or "friendly". In fact he's a freakin' NUISANCE (and yes still a menace)!Just the other day he football-tackledGreen Goblin intomy newspaper stand. Did he stick around and offer compensation for smoldering magazines or recommend a local specialist for trauma-counseling? Of course not.And now he's in comics AND on t-shirts. WHAT!!?? Yep this Spider-Man Distressed Cover Men's T-Shirt is making Spider-jerk a LOT of extra cash -- cash that shouldgo to me and my standNOT his sticky Spider-pockets.Although I have to admit -- this Spider-Man t-shirt for men is pretty stylish. I mean it features a purposely distressed image of a rather contemporary comic book cover.Honestly it looks lik