Spider-Man 2099 Sublimated Costume Men's T-Shirt

Spider-Man 2099 Sublimated Costume Men's T-Shirt
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    The Spider-Man of 2099?Yup. Miguel O'Hara was a brilliant geneticist who was tinkering with a means to imprintgenetic codesonto human physiology.Through a succession of incidents instigated by his former employer -- the megacorporation Alchemax -- Miguel ended up usingthe process to save himself from an unstable hallucinogenic chemical.The process wasinterrupted fusing Miguel's physiology with the DNA of a spider (because of course). So there you go -- the Spider-Man of 2099.Our Spider-Man 2099 Sublimated Costume Men's T-Shirt is a soft sublimated t-shirt simulating Miguel's future Spider-Man fatigues complete with illustratedcostume accents and that VERY LARGE spider-skull symbol.With print on the front AND back this Spider-Man 2099 t-shirt for men is super-cool because it's sublimated comic-accurate and easy to wear without subjecting yourself to painful DNA splicing.And what's so special about "sublimation"? Glad you asked:These are not your typical shirts; sublimation is a viable a