Social Master Bator Clubbing Shirt

Social Master Bator Clubbing Shirt
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    This extremely cool design is literally splattered on, absorbed by the garment itself giving it an authentic washed out look. Great for clubbing or even casual wear. Every shirt is uniquely screen-printed with some level of minute randomness in the angles and positioning of the logo. The logo extends beyond the normal contraints of the front of the shirt and continues into the neckline as well as the sleeves giving it a very stylized look. So-cial: Pertaining to interaction with others. Mas-ter: Eminently skilled. Ba-tor: The pursuit of self gratification. For those who thoroughly recognize, nay enjoy walking, talking, interacting, and socializing in so many ways that contribute so little to the effort of human development. Similar, some may say, to the personal joy and satisfaction one achieves when they stay home and wank off. A super sexy, super smooth, super soft, 100% fine jersey cotton shirt. This shirt speaks style and oozes suave as it comfortably hugs your body with i