Smurf Im With Lazy Baby Doll Tee by JUNK FOOD

Smurf Im With Lazy Baby Doll Tee by JUNK FOOD
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    Smurfs With Lazy Baby Tee Who would have thought Smurfette would have picked Lazy Smurf to be her man, but if anyone is going to get Lazy to wake up, it certainly will be Smurfette. This whimsical and cute t-shirt shows our lady Smurfette, standing next to Lazy Smurf who is sleeping under a mushroom as he always is. The cartoon artwork on this t-shirt definitely gives it that vintage quality look. The gray babydoll t-shirt is available in junior sizes that also is form fitting to give you that stylish look. If you're going to be with Lazy, you better look good doing it, and this is the perfect t-shirt for that..

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