Silver Surfer Cosmic Highway 30 Single T-Shirt

Silver Surfer Cosmic Highway 30 Single T-Shirt
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Made from 100% Cotton this soft silver t-shirt features an image of the Silver Surfer traversing the cosmic....highways.....perhaps exiting a portal from his space...into ours! AHH! The arrival of this mini Silver Surfer can only mean we must prepare ourselves for...the toddler-sized Galactus devourer of...uh...skateboards and firewood! AHHH! Anyway this Silver Surfer t-shirt is from the cosmically competent T-Shirt weavers at Mighty Fine Tees. So we're taking softer material (from a higher 30 Single thread count) and well....a t-shirt fused with a mild dose of the Power Cosmic reduced by a factor of....1000 or so.