Shibuya 109 Style (Women's Fitted)

Shibuya 109 Style (Women's Fitted)
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    Just as Akihabara is the "Mecca" for all things otaku-related, the Shibuya region of Tokyo has become the fashion capital of the city, home to some of the most stylish girls, from classic "kogal" archetype to the new generation of "Ageha" girls. Here's a new J-List T-shirt that parodies the most famous image of the area, the Shibuya 109 department store. The design says, "Shibuya 109-kei" (the -"kei" meaning "style"), a universal word for describing the girls who identify themselves as loving the shops and fashions from Shibuya. A standard cap-sleeve fitted T-shirt for girls, with reflective gold printing for the design itself.