Shazam Power Kung-Fu Stance T-Shirt

Shazam Power Kung-Fu Stance T-Shirt
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    The world's mightiest...martial artist?Usually the word following "mightiest" is "mortal." However it appears Shazam is practicing some very magical kung-fu so I felt the replacement was accurate.Made from 100% cotton our charcoal grayShazam Power Kung-Fu Stance T-Shirt features a classic purposely distressed image of our hero as he....uh...practices karate behind his very own logo and in front of his always empowering magic bolt.Young intrepid Billy Batson transforms into the living archetype of the Gods with the magic word (there's that magic stuff I was talkin' about again) SHAZAM! When I say SHAZAM I usually just end up pulling a muscle.