Shazam Kids Brave & Bold T-Shirt

Shazam Kids Brave & Bold T-Shirt
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    SHAZAM! I just love saying it I try to work it in everything I pretty much say. When I pass anybody with a brisk walk; SHAZAM! When I finish cooking dinner SHAZAM! When I get out of the shower SHAZAM! When I turn on the television SHAZAM! When I leave/ arrive at work SHAZAM! Seriously just try using it more'll feel charged with the very Rock of Eternity and that is always a good thing. Maybe your kid can be the next Captain Marvel and this 100% cotton Shazam Kids Brave & Bold T-Shirt will probably help to sway Shazam's opinion. Batman: The Brave and the Bold.....SHAZAM!*The print on the toddler t-shirt will be smaller due to the smaller size of the t-shirt*