Shazam Distressed Symbol T-Shirt

Shazam Distressed Symbol T-Shirt
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    Honestly the idea of being hit by lightning is a bit distressing so this Shazam Distressed Symbol T-Shirt makes perfect sense. When young Billy Batson shouts the magic word "Shazam" and Sh-Blam! he transforms into Captain Marvel but after 6 or 8 or 730 times that lightning's got to wear on a shirt. Ya know those letters SHAZAM stand for the ancient gods and heroes who give Captain Marvel his powers maybe adding another A for Athena (a fine all 'rounder of a goddess including weaving) would save some wear on the "SHAZAMA!" strength speed wisdom and a nice new suit...Anyway this 100% cotton snazzy red t-shirt gives you that distressed "hit by lightning" look without the bad hair day and melted zippers so throw this baby in your cart and don't wear a tinfoil hat in the rain.