Serenity in Flight

Serenity in Flight
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"One of the main characters of Firefly is Serenity herself, with all her quirks and surprises. Here are a couple of facts you might not have considered before. The ship could fit on a football field, hanging over the sidelines 5 ft. each way, which probably wouldn't even knock over the Gatorade cooler. The cargo capacity is 164,900 pounds, which is just over 7000 black-market beagles. Also, we would like to point out that we think it's really cool that Google has astronomical units to lightyears as one of their default conversions from the search box. This shirt features Serenity against a sunburst and a field of stars on a 100% cotton black t-shirt, along with the four Chinese characters which represent the phrase ""Never Give Up"" down the right side.".