Scarlet Witch Powers Men's T-Shirt

Scarlet Witch Powers Men's T-Shirt
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    I think the Scarlet Witch used her mind powers on reality and the Scarlet Witch Powers Men's T-Shirt. Why? Because I already wrote two paragraphs about this shirt detailing on her origin but alas...IT WAS CAST INTO THE VOID! Guess that means I have to remember all that. Ugh! Well the cut of my jib was basically that is the question of her story. Is she a mutant? An Inhuman? An Avenger? An enhanced human? Depends on who you are asking!Made from 100% cotton Scarlet Witch Powers Men's T-Shirt has a retro version of good ol' Wanda. Say I wonder if she inherited her sense of headgear fashion from her father Magneto? Wait is her dad still Magneto? Guess we should probably call Marvel Comics or something.