Rvca Balance T-Shirt

Rvca Balance T-Shirt
Available In:
Men's, Women's
PacSun - www.pacsun.com

"Have you ever been bummed out that you have to wear a shirt? Been rejected by too many convenience stores lately for trying to trot in topless? If thats the case, RVCA has created the perfect tee for you. This super light gray tee is one of the thinnest pieces of clothing weve ever had come through there. The featherweight material is so soft, and so light, that you might forget youre wearing it. Meaning shirts no longer have to feel like theyre ruining your half-nude style. On the downside...you might forget youre wearing it, and jump into the pool with it still on. But thats the kind of possibility youre just going to have to be brave enough to accept. Solid, barely-heather body. Blank, unmarked back. Tagless inside neck. Regular fit tee (classic). 19"" shoulder, 29"" length. Size medium shown and measured."