Rock Em Sock Em Robots Game 30 Single T-Shirt

Rock Em Sock Em Robots Game 30 Single T-Shirt
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Made from 100% cotton this soft black t-shirt features a slightly distressed image of that classic plastic toy that entertained the living hell out of you when your were 6 in 1977 Rock'em Sock'em Robots! Man I remember playin' against my pop and slammin' the hell out of those buttons atop the controllers. I also remember after hours of continuous play one or both robotic craniums would no longer remain locked in place. After spring-loaded heads were forcibly extended and left dangling in defeat for like the 770th time mechanisms holding this dramatic release in check......failed miserably. Then it's 2 robot corpses punching each other in the wilting distended neck each hoping the other has peanut butter toast and chocolate milk ready to go after their human pilots give the #### up. Huh. Memories.This Rock'em Sock'em Robot t-shirt is a 30 single t-shirt made with a higher thread count making this t-shirt softer than the average tee!