Robin Symbol Red Hoodie

Robin Symbol Red Hoodie
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    Robin tends to get the rough end of the stick a lot of the time in the eyes of fans. There are some that never want to see Batman with a sidekick then there are others who absolutely love Robin. Then there are some of you who probably voted in 1988 to kill off poor Jason Todd. You're lucky the Red Hood doesn't show up and and put your life on a 1-900 number! Of course the Robin doesn't get much free time to himself with all of the crime fighting and whatnot and as such his nights can get a bit chilly. See where I am going with this? The Robin Symbol Red Hoodie is 100% cotton and features the immediately recognizable Robin symbol and color scheme. It is really toasty warm - which is good for when you are being held hostage by the Joker and anxiously awaiting Batman's arrival. He's coming...right?