Robin Kids Costume Caped T-Shirt

Robin Kids Costume Caped T-Shirt
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    Made from 100% Cotton this red toddler-sized t-shirt for kids features the simulated costumed torso of....Robin the Boy Wonder! Man check out the printed brightly colored simulated Robin costume accoutrements! It's the Robin "R" symbol! It's the little..uh..strap thing holding the illustrated seam together! It's the little belty-belt! And check out the top of those green trunks! But now...the reason you're all here. Just turn the t-shirt around and.....A CAPE! It's's a cape! A bright yellow cape adorned with the Robin symbol attached with 2 velcro tabs! Velcro attachment's removable! WOOO! Parents this is how you make a child LOVE YOU! You are WELCOME!