Punisher Guns Ready by Mike Zeck Men's T-Shirt

Punisher Guns Ready by Mike Zeck Men's T-Shirt
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    You remember Mike Zeck's rendition of the Punisher right?The artist who positively nailed the look of a man committed tothe precise-- and often brutal -- punishment of scum-sucking parasites feeding off the meek and deliriously disenfranchised??Hell yeah you do. His stunning art adorned the covers and interiors of the legendary Punisher miniseries that kicked off in 1986 -- right the one billed as a four-issue limitedseries that mysteriously spawned issue #5.Celebrating Zeck's expressive line work and The Punisher's expressive gun-toting we present thePunisher Guns Ready by Mike Zeck Men's T-Shirt.Made from 100% cotton this Punisher t-shirt for men features Frank Castle in his classic costume complete with white gloves and that fashion-savvy gun-clip belt.