Portal 2 Aperture 1970s Brown Jogger

Portal 2 Aperture 1970s Brown Jogger
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Sometimes, you just don't want to be assaulted by rabid science-fans when you're going on a quick jog. All those pesky teeny boppers running up and asking you about your quantum time-travel theory, or trying to pitch you their hypotheses on cow-cloning just gets to be too much after a few weeks. Wear this stylish Aperture 1970s Brown Jogger and blend in with the scenery as you run, and watch as your fans feverishly sniff the air for you before they slink back into their labs with disappointment. Aperture 1970s Brown Jogger Runs slightly smaller than sizing chart. - 100% California Fleece cotton construction (Heather Grey contains 10% Polyester) - Matching Nylon zipper; zips to top of collar - Kangaroo pocket