Pirates of the Caribbean Jack and Will Baby Doll Tee

Pirates of the Caribbean Jack and Will Baby Doll Tee
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"Pirates of the Caribbean Jack and Will Baby Tee Gotta thing for pirates and adventure? Then dress yourself with the best pirates around and capture the look of a pirate with this Pirates of the Caribbean t-shirt! This black baby doll tee is decorated with the pictures of Captain Jack Sparrow and Will turner from the movies. Both dressed in their pirate attire looking ready to go on their next adventures at sea. You'll be feeling like you are ready for adventure too when you have Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom on the front of your shirt. The form fitted tee is also decorated with gold pirate skulls and swords along with the movie title printed below in gold. Available in junior sizes, the Pirates of the Caribbean t-shirt is perfect for anyone that likes to have a shirt that fits to their form. ""Its a pirate's life for you, yo ho!""".

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