Pirate Seal

Pirate Seal
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Ahoy, mateys! Feast your deadlights on the Great Seal of the Pirate! Ye landlubbers of the USA have an eagle on yer seal. But what self-lubbin' swashbuckler would let an eagle perch atop his shoulder. H'arrrr! Even ye most logwood-brained scurvydog knows that the pirate's signature bird be the parrot! And ours be havin' his own eyepatch! Yer eagle be holdin' an olive branch in his talon? Cacklefruit! What use be a savage buccaneer havin' for a symbol of peace? Behold instead, the pirate cutlass! And what else yer eagle be holdin', a bundle of arrows? What forrrrrr? Ye can't run a shot across the bow with an arrow! For that, ye need the pirate's barker of choice, the flintlock musket! And of course we be toppin' off his shield with the age-old mark of freebooters everywhere -- ye ole Jolly Roger! He's even missin' a few teeth. Because what self-lubbin' pirate has all his teeth? Damn yer eyes!