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Phi by Numbers
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    The Golden Ratio: It Looks Good on You We think this is the most beautiful shirt we've ever made, but you might say that's irrational. *rimshot* Hey -- you're still reading! Score. So, let's talk about Phi. Phi's a number with a lot of baggage. Lots of folks make claims about it that it doesn't know about that then make it look bad. So let's go with the facts. Phi is an infinite non-repeating decimal. If we had to hum a few bars, it'd start off 1.61803. Phi is that number which is equal to its reciprocal plus one. It's related to the Fibonacci sequence. If you take a Fibonacci number, add it to the previous Fibonacci number, and divide the sum by that original Fibonacci number, you approximate Phi. It is the basis of the golden ratio. Remember analogies? Good. Two items are in golden ratio when the whole is to the larger part as the larger part is to the smaller part. The golden ratio is supposedly aesthetically pleasing, but at this point we're veering away from the facts.... Lo