One Random Shirt of Surprising Awesomeness

One Random Shirt of Surprising Awesomeness
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From the Excess Inventory department, we bring you the ThinkGeek Random Shirt of Surprising Awesomeness. You never know what shirt you might get and neither do we! When you order one of these shirts, you'll get a single, genuine ThinkGeek-made shirt that, for one reason or another, we didn't sell in the normal course of events. From time to time, there may be golf shirts, fleeces, sweatshirts, etc. in there. Craziness! We know! What's in it? Designs that were discontinued, but we had a few left over. Shirts that were printed correctly but on the wrong color shirt. Designs that needed to be retired for one reason or another. Retired designs that reappeared after cleaning out the warehouse. ;) Some important-type stuff you'd better read or we'll send our ninja bunnies after you and then you'll be sorry: This offer is only good while our supply of shirts lasts. We'll try to have a bunch of shirts, but if we run out, you're outta luck. So, hurry! We have absolutely no control over which sh