Not Here To Make Friends

Not Here To Make Friends
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"The monkeys at ThinkGeek World Domination HQ are fans of public radio. Every time we hear them mention the ""in-kind food donation"" for the volunteers who answer the phones during the pledge drive we wonder if we should give a corporate gift. But volunteers with the jitters taking your personal information probably isn't reassuring. So we'll stick to the donations at the personal level for now. We bring this up because two of the monkeys were listening to the same rebroadcast of This American Life (from WBEZ Chicago) a couple months back. In episode 389, entitled ""Frenemies"", Rich Juzwiak has a piece about how ""I'm not here to make friends"" has become the mantra of reality television show flunkies. He's put together two 3 minute montages, which you can see on his pop-culture blog fourfour. Basically every reality show that ever existed and (also some you didn't know existed) has this phrase in common. He argues that it's possibly the actors' attempt to reclaim their presentation