Nightwing Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Nightwing Long Sleeve T-Shirt
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    Sooner or later most Robins get sick of being Robin. Can't really blame them you know? You can only follow around Batman for so long before you want to run off and do your own Bat related activities like making bat-related origami dinnerware and urban spray painting...mainly because Batman doesn't really care too much for those things. I believe that these were the original reasons for Dick Grayson to become the first Nightwing and don this 100% cotton Nightwing Long Sleeve T-Shirt! Wait no that isn't how it went. Grayson became Nightwing because he wanted to use those cool batons! Judo-punching and ninja-kicking is only amusing for so long. Sometimes you just gotta beat somebody senseless! Probably why Nightwing decided to distance himself from Batman. Probably. Anyways this Nightwing Long Sleeve T-Shirt features the Nightwing symbol on a cold resilient long sleeve format. Unfortunately does not include beatin' sticks.