Nightwing Court of Owls Men's T-Shirt

Nightwing Court of Owls Men's T-Shirt
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    You want to beat the Court of Owls? You take them apart from the inside.The Court ofOwls had Dick Grayson aka Nightwing by the short hairs -- or so they thought.Yes they planted an explosive devicein Damian Wayne and threatened to press the button if Nightwing revealed their plans or refused to satisfy their immoral requests.Of course being trained by Batman has its advantages -- Nightwing removed the explosivebut played the cornered lackey nonetheless. Why? So he could be a more effective double agent.Made from 100% cottonourNightwing Court of Owls Men's T-Shirt features a striking image of Nightwing perched on ominous rooftops set against a rather large mask adorned by Court of Owls members.Yes this Nightwing t-shirt for men conveys Nightwing's struggle as he walks a fine line between hero and faux Court of Owls sympathizer!