Never Seen Star Wars

Never Seen Star Wars
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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... It';s is a really bad time for the universe. Rebel spaceships are battling Darth Vader, who can strangle people to death by simply flipping them the bird. He lives in the DEATH STAR, which kind of looks like a giant AT&T logo. (Not really sure what it does though.) Hmmm, let';s see... Oh, Princess Leia. She puts a hologram inside R2D2, who then delivers the message to... Han Skywalker. I';m pretty sure they';re brother and sister, but maybe you';re not supposed to know that yet. Wait, are the ewoks in this one? I can';t remember. Why is it called "Episode IV"? Isn';t this the first one? Ah, screw it, I';ve never seen Star Wars. And I';m proud to say it.