Molar Mole

Molar Mole
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Blinded me with science! Although Mole Day technically begins at 6:02 a.m. local time on 10/23 each year, we'll have to take your word for it. That's earlier than we like to be moving. Unless you're going to provide a mole of caffeine to wake us up. (With a molar mass of 194.2 g, one mole of caffeine would be enough to kill 19 normal humans or roughly 3 ThinkGeek customers, who've been working on their tolerance-levels for years.) At that hour of the day, we'd prefer to be the burrowing sort of mole. 6:02 p.m. we can totally handle, though. We'd be happy to raise a glass to chemists everywhere when Avogadro's evening number rolls around. A mole of pure water is just a sip, so we'll have to shop around for other potential liquids. With ethyl alcohol, you get basically the perfect amount for a shot, that is, if you wanted to do a shot of pure ethyl alcohol. Which, kids playing at home, you do NOT. 1) We ain't knocking back anything that's 200 proof. 2) Scientists have taught us ma