Mighty Thor by John Buscema Men's T-Shirt

Mighty Thor by John Buscema Men's T-Shirt
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    Thor insists you call him "mighty."And if you refuse? Well I suggest you take a look at our Mighty Thor by John Buscema Men's T-Shirt.Firstly this heroic (but utterly intimidating) and purposely distressed rendering of the MIGHTY Thor is courtesy of fabled Marvel alumnus John Buscema.Secondly it features Thor reacting to your blatant dismissal of his preferred aggrandizing moniker -- if you fail to acknowledge his "mighty-ness" he's honor-bound to respond thusly:By summoning the lighting! This elevates the effectiveness of......his equally summoned deafening thunderclaps! They follow immediately after Thor screams..."I am the MIGHTY Thor! MIGHTY! Here I shall spell it out for thee: M (BOOM)! I (CRACK)!! G (RUMBLE)!! H (RUMBLE)!! T (ZZZAAPP)!! Y (CRAACK-A-THOOOOOOM)!!!!!"Made from 100% cotton this navy-blue Thor t-shirt for men conveys a completely avoidable scene -- simply grant Thor the respect he deserves and nary a thundercloud shall paint the sky above your local coffee shop.