Mighty Thor by John Buscema Men's Hoodie

Mighty Thor by John Buscema Men's Hoodie
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    Additional warmth provided by arbitrary lightning strikes.Yes our Mighty Thor by John Buscema Men's Hoodie is a very soft and warm hooded sweatshirt.However due to the preeminently featured character we're quite sure additional warmth is provided by unconsciously summoned lashes of mystical macadam-warping lightning.Because Thor summons lightning. Because he's the god of thunder (and lightning).Made from 55% cotton and 45% polyester this heather-blue Thor hoodie for men features a "striking" image of Thor rendered by classic Marvel artist John Buscema.Surrounded by charged electrified air and standing upon a simmering recently scorched surface Thor is joined by his equally mighty -- and equally distressed -- moniker in a bold ballooning yellow.More awesome features regarding your brand-new Thor hoodie.A marbling or "heather" effect expressed through the interweaving of lighter and darker materials.A comfortable hood sporting drawstring ties.Stitched spacious pockets.A soft interior lin