Medusa Black Light by Jack Kirby Women's T-Shirt

Medusa Black Light by Jack Kirby Women's T-Shirt
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    Behind every great man with a destructive voice a greater woman with prehensile hair.If it wasn't for MedusaBlack Bolt would have -- on several occasions -- sounded out the alphabet destroyingseveral acres of viable moon rock.Yes if not for Medusa Black Bolt's queen lover and confidant Black Bolt's legacy of peaceful rule would be undermined by fitsof violentlyvocal rageinstigatedby the machinations of Maximus the Mad.OurMedusa Black Light by Jack Kirby Women's T-Shirt pays tribute to the compassionate tempered voice of Black Bolt -- the woman who rules beside him with equal compassion but equally ready to repela supervillain invasionor two.Made from 90% cotton and 10% polyester this Medusa t-shirt for women features a striking image of the Inhuman queen rendered by The King of Comics Jack Kirby -- she's milling about her organic electronic environment suffused withsci-fi psychedelia.And yes this Inhumans t-shirt is colored in the hues of a black light poster. Unfortunately when you tu