Marvel Periodic Table T-Shirt

Marvel Periodic Table T-Shirt
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    The Marvel Periodic Table T-Shirt has a staggering amount of characters from Marvel Comics; prepare yourself because you are about to be attacked by a list of good guys and villains from Marvel! You ready? Good! The Marvel Periodic Table T-Shirt has Iron Man Captain America Black Panther Star-Lord Peggy Carter Quicksilver Nick Fury Lady Sif Thor Black Widow Doctor Strange Ant-Man Yellowjacket Rocket Vision Gamora War Machine Winter Soldier Spider-Man Captain Marvel Hawkeye Scarlet Witch Falcon Luke Cage Iron Fist Incredible Hulk Groot Phil Coulson Ronan Thanos Nebula Doctor Octopus Green Goblin Loki Venom Ultron Kingpin Crossbones Destroyer Red Skull and Carnage. Pshew.