Marvel Comics Thor Lightning Strike Youth T-Shirt

Marvel Comics Thor Lightning Strike Youth T-Shirt
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    Thor Strike Youth T Shirt Lighting has been known to strike more than once in the same place, but when it comes to The Mighty Thor, you'll be sure he'll strike over and over again! This great stylish Thor t-shirt features our Marvel Comic superhero using full force to wield his Mjolnir and summons the power of thunder and lighting! If you have a young child or teenager that can't get enough of coming from Thor and the costume he wears, the power of Thor, then this brilliant portrayal of the Marvel Comic Book hero on a t-shirt is perfect for the. The Asgardian suit fashioned from the heavens is fashioned on Thor with bright colors bringing forth the true super power he has! This cotton t-shirt will not only be a comfort on any fan, but will make any wearer feel like they are Thor themselves!.