Marvel Comics Iron Man Self Analysis T-Shirt Sheer

Marvel Comics Iron Man Self Analysis T-Shirt Sheer
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    "Iron Man Self Analysis T Shirt Sheer Tony Stark was a complicated man, and this self analysis Iron Man T-shirt shows that. Every element of the classic superhero's character comes to life on this red Iron man T-shirt. Self-obsessed, volatile and unable to play well with others, Iron Man truly was one of the most complex superheroes in the Marvel Comics universe. Despite his extreme intelligence and arsenal of impressive super powers, Iron man still had his downfalls. This ""volatile, self obsessed"" Iron Man T-shirt gives you a glimpse into his human side, the side that makes him such a well-known, celebrated character. This T-shirt features the man himself soaring over a cityscape in full garb with thought bubbles that read, ""volatile,"" ""self-obsessed,"" and ""don't play well with others."" Iron Man's speaking bubble reads ""sounds about right."" A perfect gift for the Iron Man fan who identifies with Stark himself, this T-shirt is just self-deprecating enough to be funny. Made by