Marvel Comics Iron Man Armor Suit Costume T-Shirt

Marvel Comics Iron Man Armor Suit Costume T-Shirt
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    "Iron Man Suit T Shirt Get ready to battle the nefarious Ivan Vanko when you slip on Iron Man's suit of armor. Available now at Stylin Online, this ""armor"" is made of cotton rather than the synthesized material Stark created from the hidden message from his father that he found within materials from the 1974 Stark Expo. This T-shirt will work well as part of a costume and as a cool shirt to wear with a pair of blue jeans. For the costume, you can wear the shirt with a pair of red or yellow pants to complete the ensemble. If you find it too difficult a task finding pants that match the red shirt or the yellow-gold chest repulsor transmitter on the shirt, you can always wear a pair of black pants. Wearing this shirt, you will certainly show everyone at your Halloween party or at comic book conventions that you are a fan of Iron Man the action hero and the movie Iron Man 2 .".