Loki Chillin' Like A Villain 30 Single T-Shirt

Loki Chillin' Like A Villain 30 Single T-Shirt
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    Made from 100% Cotton this soft black t-shirt features Loki Norse god of mischief (whose "mischief" led to the creation of the Avengers. Don't mention it to him) relaxing with a Horn of Swelterjiorn filled with his favorite godly beverage! That's right Loki's drinkin' the toxic blood of a Moon Tooth Giant! Uh...Moon Tooth Giant? Ahem. Here's Loki Half-Brother to Thor god of Thunder sitting comfortably in his favorite chair and watching his favorite program "10 days to Bjornswvartlevandlheim!" Yep. Anyway if you're a fan of Thor (and maybe Loki) this t-shirt may be...for you. Oh and it's made from a higher 30 Single thread count making it softer than the average t-shirt!