Killer Coding Ninja Monkeys

Killer Coding Ninja Monkeys
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    The Prophecies Of The Simian Ninja Canons Ring True... If you were wise, you never doubted. If you doubted you have little chance of understanding the complexity and consequences of your mental miscalculation. It's very simple. Much like the swift and masterfully orchestrated barrage of a monkey slapping you silly all the while sorting different systems of data hierarchically in his head. His disappearance is even swifter as you struggle to your senses helplessly... Killer coding ninja monkeys do exist. At long last, like Jedis of yesteryear, they have revealed themselves... 100% cotton heavyweight Black t-shirt. The phrase 'Killer coding ninja monkeys do exist' is written beneath 4 representative icons (including 'Monkey' in Chinese). The glaring red eyes of a simian along with his fierce blade loom across the shirt. Checkout a closeup of the design only right here!