Justice League Darn Cute Men's T-Shirt

Justice League Darn Cute Men's T-Shirt
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    Sick and tired of the very mean-looking sunlight-deprivedJustice League sporting angry scowls andturning away any and all opportunities to emancipate kittens from trees?Allow me to introduce ourJustice League Darn Cute Men's T-Shirt as the antidote to all that dire depressingDC business where heroesare kind of morose and a little too "murdery."Made from 100% cotton this white Justice League t-shirt for men features cuter -- MUCH CUTER -- iterations of the Justice League set against a vertically draped American flag.Justice League T-Shirt Roll Call!Clockwise from the top it's Superman sporting a.. menacing expression (what the hell?) Green Lantern Cyborg a dependablyexpressionless Batman (he's thinking of 37 ways to palm-strike your nerve clusters) and The Flashsporting...an evil grin. What??C'mon DC this is the "DARN CUTE" Justice League. Let's lose the "crazy face" and embrace positivity!