Justice League 3 Heroes Trunk T-Shirt

Justice League 3 Heroes Trunk T-Shirt
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Ah yes the most powerful people in the universe join the Justice League - those guys exist for when one of them might be overwhelmed! How could we possibly forget about Superman the Man of Steel and prototypical superhero; what about Batman; The Dark Knight and pinnacle of human training and willpower; and then we finally have Hawkman...wait seriously Hawkman? How did you sneak in here! Don't you have a cage to be in with your little girlfriend? Joking aside Hawkman is almost impossible to be put down and has the sharpest sight known to man! The Justice League is no joke and niether is this 50% cotton 50% polyester Justice League 3 Heroes Trunk T-shirt! It comes from fine producer Trunk meaning that it is immensely soft extremely high quality and extremely limited! Get this now before Starro puts you down. OFFICIAL TRUNK STATEMENT: This is a fully authorized and exclusive product pulled from our trunk and faithfully handcrafted to capture a 'moment in time'. Any subtle irregularities d