Juliet Burke Dharma Initiative Womens T-Shirt Costume

Juliet Burke Dharma Initiative Womens T-Shirt Costume
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    In 1977 Juliet was working for the DHARMA Initiative as a mechanic. When Amy went into labor, Sawyer convinced Juliet to deliver the baby, which turned out, to her joy, to be the first successful birth she had ever attended on the Island. At some point during the intervening three years, Juliet has become romantically involved with Sawyer, which is shown as Sawyer brings her a flower after she has saved the lives of Amy and her baby son. The next morning, however Sawyer left abruptly after receiving a phone call from Jin. He left Juliet, without saying why, to see the return of Hurley, Jack and KateNavy Blue 100% Cotton American Apparel T-ShirtThe t-shirt being modeled is a Womens Medium.