Joker The Killing Joke T-Shirt

Joker The Killing Joke T-Shirt
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    Made from 100% Cotton this black t-shirt features an image taken straight from the hit comic book mini-series The Killing Joke expertly drafted by uber-talented artist Brian Bolland! Written by Comic Book luminary Alan Moore the Killing Joke gave us an origin of the Joker that forced one to actually care about a humble struggling comedian and the circumstances that carved his route towards becoming the painted monster we all know and...fear. Well we cared until he shot Babs in the spine and kidnapped Commissioner Gordon forcing him to view photographs of the intimate moments Joker and Barbara Gordon... shared together. Yeah then we stopped caring and demanded a little deus ex machina in the form of freakin' Batman! This Killing Joke t-shirt is for fans of Alan Moore Joker Batman...and taking a little time to truly understand the importance of a solid delivery.