Joker & His Kitty, Kitty, Kitty T-Shirt

Joker & His Kitty, Kitty, Kitty T-Shirt
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It's not everyday you see a soft black 100% cotton t-shirt featuring a cover image from the landmark comics series Legends of the Dark Knight...heck it's not everyday we have reason to mention what we loved (or sometimes hated) about Legends period! The cover image on this shirt from anniversary issue #50 is definitely in the "loved" column. This cover's art is by Brian Bolland (who worked earlier on a little book you may've heard of called...The Killing Joke!) and the story itself was written by none other than comics legend Denny O'Neil! Comics cred x 2!!This image would be cool enough for its own shirt without all the history though showing the Joker holding a cat whose yellow fangs match the color of his own ghastly grille all while Bats looms (disapprovingly of course) in silhouette in a background window.