Japanese T-shirt - Beware of Men Peeking (Men's standard)

Japanese T-shirt - Beware of Men Peeking (Men's standard)
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    Japanese men are human, just like everyone else, and sometimes they have trouble controlling their inner urges. Here's a wacky T-shirt that warns people who see it to beware of "nozoki" -- peeping toms, who like to watch women secretly, in the bathroom and elsewhere. The text reads "Beware of Men Peeping" in clear, direct Japanese. Because the word "nozoki" is written with the hiragana writing system, it's someething that only Japanese can read or understand (it's illegible to Chinese, for example). A totally fun and wacky new design! This is a standard men's shirt in athletic grey, available in size S-XL.This is an original J-List T-shirt, hand-silkscreened in J-List's San Diego office by our trained staff of T-shirt printers (not mass-produced in Asia). The shirt is printed with a "flash" layer below the design, to keep it from showing the shirt color, and heated at 330 degrees Farenheit to cure the ink for long life.