Iron Man Need a Light Men's T-Shirt

Iron Man Need a Light Men's T-Shirt
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    Iron Man's Repulsor Beams can singe a single whisker or demolish an unfashionable mountain range.Charged and distributed through highlyadvanced micro-circuitry pervading Tony's advanced Iron Man armorthe highlydestructive or surgical Repulsor Beams are palm-propelled staples of Tony's arsenal.A combination of absorbed solar power and augmentative super-tech a Repulsor Beam is distributed with 100% accuracy considering the adaptive neural targeting displays linked directly to Tony's noggin.Our Iron Man Need a Light Men's T-Shirt sports a classic image of Iron Man adorning the old "red and gold" -- he's lancing an off-camera malcontent with the concussive force of 7500 blue whales.With art by the Iron Man 'dream team' of JohnRomita Jr. and Bob Layton this soft heather-blue Iron Man t-shirt sports a classic image accompanied by the equally classic comic-accurate Iron Man logo."Heather-blue?"The "heather" or marbling effect results from the interweaving of lighter and darker threading -- i